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Read Any Good Books Lately?

Here's one that definitely should be on your list . . . There's not much plot, not a lot of action, no hot love scenes. But, it's guaranteed to make your job easier.

It's NMC's Contact Catalog. In it you'll find the part number of all makes and models of just about every manufaturers' electrical contacts as well as the part number of the corresponding high quality NMC replacement part.

Even if you don't know your part number, you can refer to detailed descriptions (in many cases, technical illustrations) of the part and find the corresponding NMC part.

It's all so easy.

NMC Vice President, Jerry Woodruff, says, "Our new Contact Catalog really gives you something to workwith to get exactly what you need. It's highly comprehensive and accurate. The feedback we've been getting is incredibly favorable!"

"We introduced it at the 1993 Doble Conference," Woodruff added. "The initial printing of 500 went like wildfire. We've printed more and you can get your free copy by calling me toll-free at 1 800-526-6740."

Woodruff explained that a lot of the parts in the Catalog are in stock, ready to ship. "Our goal is within a year to be able to ship everything in there within a week's time."

Woodruff stresses that even if you don't see what you need in the Catalog to call NMC anyway. "Our DESIGN/ONE custom-engineering service can manufacture just about anything you need."

Allis Chalmers
TLH 21 Reversing
Switch Contacts
TU (Texas Utility) Electric, Georgia Power, and several other utilities had mentioned to NMC that they were havinga problem with these contacts. NMC's DESIGN/ONE engineers came up with an improved design and preliminary results are excellent.

NMC was actually on site with TU to discuss the nature of the problems they had. TU put the improved part inservice and has closely monitored test results.

TU is now in the process of changing all 13 of their units over to the NMC design. Georgia Power appears to be following the same program.

PENN 996 Transfer Contact Update
Several years ago at the request of Con Edison in New York, we redesigned this contact for ease of application and longer life. Continued monitoring has consistently shown very positive results.

Additionally, Cooper Industries has tested this NMC-designed part and just placed a large order for it to be used to replace their version of this contact.

Bob Byington - Manager of Manufacturing Dedicated, hard-working people have enabled NMC to serve the T and D industry so well for so many years. Bob Byington is one of these Professionals and he's featured in this edition of NMC PRO-file.

Bob has been with NMC for 12 years. He has seen a lot of advancements in transmission and distribution technology. As NMC's Manager of Manufacturing, he has a real handle on what today's substation engineers need and expect from their equipment.

Bob started at the ground floor and has been involved in every facet of design and manufacturing at NMC. He literally has seen it all.

If you have technical questions, need help, or want to discuss an idea, call the Pros at NMC, 1-800-526-6740.

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