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Why All The Excitement!?!

The Doble Conference is close and NMC has some new "Design One" Upgrades. Stop by our "Hospitality suite" at the Westin on 4/11-4/13 from 6:00 pm-10:00 pm to review the GE LRT-200 design and the new UZD/UZE design. NMC looks forward to seeing you in Boston and discussing how NMC can lengthen your maintenance cycles! If you aren't fortunate enough to be attending the Doble Conference this year, but you are interested in the new Design One "Upgrade", give NMC a call at 1-800-526-6740 for all the details.

NMC's e-mail Addresses

ITE GA Breakers

What happens when you put "Electric Utility Service of California" and NMC on the same team? You get a partnership that benefits the customer. We are teaming up to supply parts and service for ITE GA breakers. Call NMC or EUS for more details.

NMC 1-800-526-6740
EUS 1-562-864-2597

"NMC Design One"
A/C TLH 20-21
Reversing Contacts

It never hurts to talk about good ideas, you never know who hasn't heard. Some of our "New Customers" were not familiar with the success story NMC had with Texas Utilities and Georgia Power six years ago. A/C TLH 20-21 reversing contacts were redesigned to extend their life by a factor of "10" and still counting. Give NMC a call to get in on the fun!!

What New Guy?

Ernie Bean has jumped into the fray and done a great job with inside sales. Many of you have mentioned that Ernie has a good knowledge of parts and has been very helpful. NMC thanks you for your continued patronage. 

Web Site Mania

The response to the web site has been fantastic. Easy access, fast and a wealth of information, are just a few of the comments that NMC has received from our customers. Shortly, you will be able to access information on the new "NMC Design One" GE LRT-200 upgrade as well as the "NMC Design One" UZD/UZE upgrade. Stay on the "Cutting Edge" with NMC.

Year 2000? No Problem!

NMC is aware and fully compliant with all Y2K issues so rest assured that your invoices, requested ship dates, report calculations and other date/year sensititve information handling will be done correctly both before, during, and after January 1, 2000. If any additional questions or concerns, and need further assistance, feel free to give NMC a call at 636-528-8913.

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